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Like Binance, Weibo Blocks TRON’s Justin Sun Account

Avatar Olusegun Ogundeji

The Weibo account of TRON’s Justin Sun has reportedly been shut down by the social media site. No particular reason was immediately given for the action but there are suggestions that the Weibo account (as well as Binance’s which was shut down last month) could have been used to promote ICOs hence the ban since such is illegal in China.

Sun is a power social media user including on Twitter even though the TRON project which he spearheads has been criticized severally for being centralized and he has been involved in controversial issues like a suspended lunch with one of the richest men in the world, Warren Buffet. His Weibo account being down can hinder access to his Chinese base.

While it didn’t come to some in the crypto space as a surprise considering “how loud” Sun has been on Weibo, others question the element of censorship in the act particularly as the ecosystem claims to support and advocate for decentralisation.

BREAKING and FINALLY … @justinsuntron 's weibo (Chinese Twitter) account is now officially SHUT DOWN

totally not surprised given how loud he has been on Weibo even after the Buffet Lunch/kidney stone drama…

"Blockchain, not crypto", and of course, not TRON

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