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UTI Coin Announces to List on Bittrex Global

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UTI coin(, the native token of UTI, will get listed on Bittrex Global, a global cryptocurrency exchange established by the US-based leading exchange Bittrex on May 30th after firstly listing on another global top exchange with price surged over 200%. Incubated by Sora venture, one of the top incubators in the crypto sector all around the world, UTI project is backed by the Cannabidoil (CBD) business in South East Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia, which provides a strong and solid support to the token ecosystem. The "doctor's best" series of CBD products have retail and direct selling business, and UTI coin will be given as bonus points for all product purchases. Meanwhile, customers can either use UIT coin to purchase "doctor's best" products or cash out as USDT, BTC and other mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Based on the foundation of real business, UTI is a structured ecosystem integrating the frontier blockchain technologies with 5G communication to build up the next generation smart IoT platform, thus solving the critical issues in terms of authentication, security, compliance, etc. In order to better empower the real economy with blockchain technology, UIT launches their own public chain - UTI public chain to introduce a new way for existing products to grow and enter new markets by leveraging the blockchain infrastructure as well as their powerful communities. Generally speaking, UTI public chain will disrupt the trust model with smart contract mechanism to increase visibility and eliminate payment issues. The creative features can provide instant payment transfers and increase the business operation efficiency, thus further growing your business significantly.

Currently, UTI focuses more on high-tech industry applications, including CBD, 5G, semiconductors, aerospace, biotechnology, optoelectronic chips, information technology and other fields such as agriculture, pharmaceuticals, tobacco and other consumer products. In the future, UTI will identify and collaborate with more projects to increase the growth of the UTI platform by expanding its user base. With the expansion of UTI ecosystem, the consumption/usage of UTI coin will increase dramatically, which will eventually facilitate the sustainable value development of UIT coin.

Bittrex Global is one of the most reputable trading platforms in terms of fast transaction speeds, strong security and strict regulatory compliance. It is also well known Bittrex is always implementing the rigorous project review process before listing any project, including the underlying technology, innovation on business model, the project team's strong commitment to the project, and regulatory compliance.

"We are excited about our exchange listing on Bittrex Global, one of the safest and most trusted exchanges in the world. We believe that this exchange listing allows us to get one step closer toward more users all around the globe," said UTI team. "Through this progress, we will gear up for upgrading user-friendly services and products for all of our customers."

About UTI Project

UTI is the 2020 incubated project of Sora venture. Sora venture one of the top incubator all over the world. UTI is behind a real business based in Thailand and Malaysia concentrating on "doctor best "series products of retail and direct selling business. UTI will be given as bonus points from all purchases from customers themselves and all layers related to them. Customers can use the UTI coin to purchase more doctor best products or they can use it to cash out as USDT, BTC all main stream crypto currency.

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