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Bitcoin Price Managed to Reach $9,800 but Is Nearly $9,600 Now, When Is Next Bullish Run?

Avatar Muhaimin Olowoporoku

Bitcoin price has jumped close to $9,800 today but hasn’t succeeded in hitting $10,000 again. Now BTC is trading around $9,600.

In the last couple of weeks, Bitcoin price has remained within the $9,100 and $9,600 range going no further or lesser. The price action of the king of crypto has led many enthusiasts and analysts worried about when the next Bitcoin bullish run would be.

Some hours ago, however, the crypto price rose to $9,780 and returned in hours within the $9,100, $9,600 range. As at the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $9,631.

Analysts Explain When Next Bitcoin Bullish Run Could Come

According to Josh Rager, a popular and experienced Bitcoin trader, he explained that the crypto has to close above $9,575 on the four hours chart for it to set a new local high. For a new bullish run, Eager says that the crypto has to get closer above $9,265 on the daily chat.


Good ole retest of the trendline

If price closes above $9575 on the 4hr chart, would be a higher-high

Let's see if price can hold here, I'm bullish if price grinds back up after holding $9265 on the daily

— Josh Rager

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